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The premiere podcast of the WGER 102.5 FM Historical Society presents part three (conclusion) of a John Doremus Show from around 1985. Enjoy! editedger.jpg

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  • LongTallTexan

    Thank you so very, very, very much for making these available to “Us the People”, and thank you even more for letting us enjoy John Doremus again at no cost!!

    Even though John was what we Texans called a “Red River Yankee”, we still loved hearing his inimitable sound on KQIP-FM in Odessa, which I believe Roy Elsner started as the first Texas FM station west of Ft. Worth.

    Somehow I had it in my mind that George Shearing’s version of “We’ll Be Together Again” was John’s theme song, but I didn’t hear it on your podcasts.

    It would be a dream come true for many of us to be able to hear all of the John Doremus Shows thanks to WGER’s generosity (I’m a sucker for the Major 7th chord that ends the WGER jingle)! Thanks again.

    May 26, 2012 at 4:25 pm